Cattle Transit Yards

— Download:Yard Transit Form

The Malanda Show Society has a LARGE UNDERCOVER CATTLE YARD FACILITY, located on the bottom side of the showgrounds.  The Malanda Show Society extends the invite for all cattlemen and truck drivers to utilise our yard facilities for transit purpose or cattle sales.

The Malanda Show Society have been issued a NHVR Permit for Livestock B Doubles to access the Malanda Showgrounds.  There are conditions attached to the permit which must be strictly adhered to, or the Permit will be revoked.  The permit must be present in each truck, please contact the Malanda Show Society if you require access.

Yard Facilities:Cattle Yards

  • 2 loading ramps including a side loading ramp designed for B-Doubles accessibility
  • Sale ring and Auctioneering Platform
  • Three-way Draft Yard
  • Cattle Crush (available on request)
  • 38 Individual Yards with Water Troughs in 27 yards
  • Lighting throughout the yards.

These yards are currently accessible to individuals and groups all year round however we ask for honesty and expect all the necessary paperwork and payment to be completed in a timely manner.   As a Show Society as per the Biosecurity Guidelines we are required to document all NLIS through our Transit Centre, hence why we ask for the paperwork provided to be completed within 24 hours.  Transit Centre paperwork can be downloaded from our website or collected on site.  Essential information required includes, PIC numbers for BOTH source and destination, number of cattle, date of transit and an NVD Way Bill number. Once fully completed paperwork then needs to be submitted to our management as soon as possible along with payment.

Yard Fees:

  • $2.20 per beast per day (with minimum charge of $27.50). Prices are inclusive of GST. 
    • Example:
      • 5 Head – $27.50
      • 10 Head – $27.50
      • 20 Head – $44

The contributions of funds we request ensures that this facility is maintained and upgraded regularly.  In recent years thousands of dollars has been spent to ensure the facilities are safe and functional for both cattle sales and private users. We also ask that if you intend to use the yards please simply phone and leave a message or send a text message to the Malanda Show mobile phone- 0447 965 000.  When you phone to book water will be made available in the appropriate number of yards. Paperwork can be sent to this phone as well if required or emailed to

We ask that you notify us as our groundsmen volunteer their time to clean the yards after each use.  We are always looking for helpers who may be willing to volunteer some time occasionally to help out with this job.  Unfortunately, in recent years we have had several incidents, where users have clearly disregarded our request by either avoiding making payment or failed to complete the paperwork.  If this continues the Show Society may be forced to withdraw access and lock the yards, which will be extremely disappointing.  Because this facility is unattended security cameras will be installed for the safety of the general public and livestock. 

This facility is a huge asset to our community, and we hope that it can remain accessible to locals and truck drivers moving up the coast.  We would like to encourage everyone to use them when required but urge you to please comply with the requests.