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Local Vet. Bill Tranter demonstration on the Reproductive organs of CattleDavid Kil. with all he could Handle2015 Malanda Cattle School students21 5 4 10 34 24 2 9 31 35Art 1 Malanda Show 2013Art Malanda Show 2013Beef Cattle Malanda Show 2013Beef Cattle School 2013Beef Cattle School 2013Beef Cattle School Paraders 2013Buggys Malanda Show 2013Calf Paraders 2013Celebrity Milking 1Malanda Show 2013Celebrity Milking Malanda Show 2013Champion Cow Malanda Show 2013Dairy Entries Malanda Show 2013Early starters Sideshow Alley Malanda Show 2013Fireworks Malanda SHow 2013Junior Art Malanda Show 2013Junior Paraders Malanda Show 2013Leadlighting Malanda Show 2013Ron Easey set new record Horse High Jump 7ft 7.5 inches Malanda ShowSchool Display Malanda Show 2013Ute Muster 1Ute Muster 2Ute MusterWatching Fireworks Malanda SHow 2013Winning School Ravenshoe Beef Cattle School 2013Woodchops Malanda Show 2013Woodwork Malanda Show 2013