Committee & Volunteer Information

2023 Management Committee

  • PRESIDENT: Gregory English
  • SENIOR VICE-PRESIDENT: Colleen Mclucas
  • JUNIOR VICE-PRESIDENTS: Alex Hedley | Georgia Doull
  • SECRETARY: Dell Bowden
  • TREASURER: Jeanine Doull
  • MANAGER: Kate Stokes

Front Row: Jeanine Doull, Greg English, Dell Bowden 

Back Row: Georgia Doull, Colleen McLucas, Alex Hedley, Kate Stokes

Photo Credit: Anne Daley



Membership renewal is open and new members are welcome. Please complete this form and email to or visit the show office.

Membership Application Form

Management Committee Nomination Forms – AGM Scheduled for Sunday the 26th November 2023. 


Get involved with the the premier agricultural event on the Atherton Tablelands, North Queensland. Volunteers play a key role in developing and sustaining the Malanda Show, a non for profit organisation. Offer your skills and enthusiasm to support, assist and connect with your rural community by helping out with the Malanda Show. Benefits include skill development, socialising and fun. Give a little, get a lot.

Please contact the Malanda Show Society Manager – or phone 07 4096 5349 – for details on how to become a Malanda Show Society volunteer.

See you at the Malanda Show!

2018 Management Committee Back Row: Greg English, Jeanine Doull, Kate Stokes, Robert Davis Front Row: Bev Binnie, Carol Evans, Dell Bowden

2022 Malanda Show Ball Committee Members