Showhall Sections Schedule

Update – 31 May 2024

The Patrick English Pavilion (Malanda Show Pavilion), is closed for the foreseeable future due to the building’s structural integrity. Unfortunately, with the immediate close of the Show Pavilion it is impossible to accommodate a pavilion elsewhere within the grounds for 2024. We will not be able to accommodate aspects of our Show Hall Schedule, including culinary art, horticulture, needlework, craft, photography and junior displays in 2024.  This decision has not been made lightly.  We will be exploring all possible options in time for our 2025 show.   We wish to sincerely thank all stewards, exhibitors and sponsors for their support.  Please, now is when we need your support more than ever. Malanda Show is a huge event for our region, if you have ever thought about volunteering, offering financial or in-kind sponsorship, or simply wish to attend our show, now is your time. Your support will be warmly accepted.

Show Hall Sections Schedules to be re-evaluated for the 2025 Malanda Show.